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LING 480. Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition. 3 Credits.

Equips the student for success in learner-directed acquisition of language/culture without dependence on formal classroom instruction, especially in little-studied languages with few or no published pedagogical resources. The core of the course is an intensive practicum (40-45 hours), working with a native speaker of a language that is very different from languages the student already knows, in sessions led first by a teaching assistant and later by students. Separate lecture-discussion sessions present the theoretical foundation for the practicum. An understanding of second language acquisition is instilled that combines Sociocultural Theory with the psycholinguistic study of comprehension and production along with a detailed multiphase strategy for long-term language/culture learning. Corequisite recommended: LING 450 or LING 455. SS.

Linguistics (Ling)

Linguistics courses are taught through a cooperative program between UND and SIL International during a nine-week summer session every year. Introductory courses are at the undergraduate level; advanced courses are at the graduate level but are open to undergraduates who meet their prerequisites. Courses focus on theoretically-informed descriptive linguistics in preparation for careers involving minority-language communities and lesser-studied languages. They are particularly appropriate for students anticipating careers in language development, documenting endangered languages, language survey, translation, and literacy.

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