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GEOG 474. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 2 Credits.

An introductory course that examines the digital representation, manipulation, and analysis of geographic data, with emphasis on the analytical capabilities that GIS brings to bear on the solution of geographic problems. Prerequisites: GEOG 471 and 471L or equivalent or consent of instructor. Corequisite: GEOG 474L. F,S.

Geography and Geographic Information Science

...Courses GEOG 471 & 471L Cartography and Visualization and Cartography and Visualization Laboratory 3 GEOG 474...


...4 credit hours from Geog 134/134L, Geog 471/471L, Geog 474, Geol 101/101L...

Petroleum Engineering

...Any geology electives may be used . (3) / GeoG 474/L Intro to GIS (3) / GeoE...

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