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GEOG 471. Cartography and Visualization. 2 Credits.

This course examines the art, science, and technology of cartography and visualization. It familiarizes students with basic cartographic principles and with GIS, both of which are applicable to a wide range of professional fields and academic disciplines. Students learn how maps are designed and used to accurately represent and effectively communicate spatial phenomena and relationships. The course also includes a discussion of selection of proper thematic mapping techniques. Corequisite: GEOG 471L. F.

Geography and Geographic Information Science

...Courses GEOG 471 & 471L Cartography and Visualization and Cartography and Visualization Laboratory 3 GEOG 474...


...4 credit hours from Geog 134/134L, Geog 471/471L, Geog 474, Geol 101/101L...

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