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GEOGĀ 250. Introduction to Geopolitics. 3 Credits.

As a branch of political geography, the study of Geopolitics is concerned with the spatial dynamics of power relations especially at the international level. From a geographic perspective, this course surveys changing relations among states and the influences of national and transnational actors and events. The course attempts to help students apply a broad range of theoretical perspectives to the analysis of global and regional issues and events, and develop insights into what is happening in the world today. From war and terrorism to economic globalization, human rights and sustainable development, this course will explore a myriad of important issues and challenges that face the world today. S.

International Studies (A&S)

...World Literature II 3 GEOG 161 World Regional Geography 3 GEOG 250 Introduction to Geopolitics...

Geography and Geographic Information Science (Geog)

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