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BIOL 442. Physiology of Organs and Systems. 3 Credits.

Study of the physiology of organs and organ systems in vertebrates. Prerequisites: BIOL 150, BIOL 150L, BIOL 151, BIOL 151L, and Junior or Senior standing or an equivalent approved by the department. F.

Biology (Biol)

Boulanger, Carmichael, Darby, D. Darland, T. Darland, Ellis-Felege, Goodwin, Kelsch, Manu, Meberg (Chair), Newman, Ovtchinnikov, Pyle, Ralph, Rhen, Sheridan, Simmons, Tkach, Vaughan, and Yurkonis

Chemistry (Chem)

...2 BIOL 150 General Biology I and BIOL...Analysis I - Spectroscopy , CHEM 442 Instrumental Analysis II...


...Biol 378/378L, Biol 390, Biol 415, Biol 418, Biol 420, Biol 442/442L, Biol...


...Cell Biology (Biol 341), Genetics (Biol 315), or...3 = Chem 44x (441, 442 and 443) courses...

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