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ART 510. Art History: Issues in Contemporary Art. 3 Credits.

Examines issues in contemporary art relevant to practicing artists. Addresses current intellectual debates around the work of contemporary artists and issues relevant to artists working in a regional setting. Examines the institutional context of contemporary art practice, such as exhibitions venues and funding for professional artists.

Physics and Astrophysics the College of Arts & Sciences and other...from the following: PHYS 510 Methods of Theoretical...


...of Arts (M.A.) Master of Arts (M...Professional Seminar 1 SOC 510 Sociological Inquiry 3...

Computer Science

...on state-of-the-art equipment. A Astrophysics II PHYS 510 Methods of Theoretical...

Art and Design Visual Arts

FACULTY: Gonsalez-Smith, Hebert, Jones, Luber (Graduate Program Director), Smith, Yang, and Widmer (Chair)

Physical Therapy

...background in the liberal arts and clinical sciences...Physical Therapy Curriculum. PT 510. Integrated Clinical Experience...

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