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ART 494. Professional Exhibition. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to give B.F.A. candidates a summary experience and to serve as a benchmark in their artistic and professional development. The B.F.A. exhibition should represent focused study in the candidate's area(s) of concentration. Appropriate art safety instruction will be included. Prerequisite: Permission of advisor. S.

Biology (Biol)

...Honors Program College of Arts and Sciences hours from BIOL 494 Directed Studies ; BIOL...

Art and Design

The Art and Design Department provides opportunities for both the potential professional practitioner and the appreciator to study in the various disciplines and media of the visual arts. The broad categories are: two-dimensional (drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and graphic design), three-dimensional (ceramics, sculpture and jewelry and metalsmithing), art history, and art education. A core of study in the foundations of the visual arts is followed by the development of skills and technical knowledge in the various media. These are prerequisite to the ultimate objective of nurturing growth in conceptual ability and creative production. The Art and Design department’s faculty are highly qualified and dedicated teachers, who are also seriously committed to professional productivity in their respective art disciplines. The Edmund Hughes Fine Arts Center provides more than 35,000 square feet for specialized studios and opportunities for work in visual arts media.

Sociology (Soc)

College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Sociology and SOC 494 Readings in Sociology...

Computer Science (CSci)

...Computer Science College of Arts and Sciences B...Cooperative Education or CSCI 494 Special Projects in...

Mathematics (Math)

College of Arts and Sciences B.S. with...Topics in Statistics , MATH 494 Reading Course in...

Psychology (Psyc)

...of Arts and Sciences College of Arts Psychology or PSYC 494 Advanced Individual Research...

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