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ART 481. Graphic Design Internship. 3 Credits.

Supervised work experience in graphic design. Plan submitted by student and approved in advance by faculty and on-site supervisor. Final report, portfolio of work produced during internship, and employee evaluation required. Prerequisites: ART 114, ART 273, ART 480, senior standing and instructor consent. F,S,SS.

Music (Musc)

College of Arts and Sciences Bachelor of Music...382, MUSC 383, MUSC 481), students are required...

Biology (Biol)

...Honors Program College of Arts and Sciences Degree...basic courses except BIOL 481 prior to enrolling...

Electrical Engineering (EE)

...undergraduate program emphasizes the arts, humanities, and social...EE 452. 6 EE 481 Senior Design II...

Electrical Engineering

...complete 9 credits of Arts Humanities Electives (minimum...EE 452. 6 - EE 481 meets the Essential...

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