President's Message

Welcome to the University of North Dakota!

This catalog is really a roadmap; it describes more than 150 possible pathways to a bright future. Because of the need to compress a lot of information in a small space, most of the catalog describes degree programs, courses, and the names of faculty and their qualifications. The narrative doesn’t begin to convey the dynamic nature of the learning environment at the University of North Dakota and the rich opportunities students have to work with highly qualified faculty in the active pursuit of learning.

This volume also outlines the basic framework of university policies and procedures and the structure of the curriculum. The catalog begins with general information about the student body — the kinds of students with whom you will learn and grow; to give you some important context, it goes on to describe the mission, scope, and history of one of America’s great universities. This catalog also contains important information about a host of special services designed to ensure student success in learning.

Be assured that the University of North Dakota is organized first and foremost to prepare its graduates for a lifetime of success, regardless of how the world changes — for it surely will. Welcome to the learning community of the University of North Dakota, and to the next important stage in your personal development as a life-long learner.


Mark R. Kennedy


Office of the Registrar

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