School of Law

Kathryn R.L. Rand, Dean and Floyd B. Sperry Professor

History and Mission

The School of Law, established in 1899, is a graduate professional school of the University which awards the Juris Doctor degree. The curriculum is designed for the full-time student and covers a period of three academic years. The School of Law is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and is accredited by the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

The curricular mission of the School of Law is to produce well-rounded legal professionals with the necessary skill set to serve as effective, innovative, and ethical leaders. Its distinct character as one of the smaller public law schools in the nation informs the program of legal education, which is designed to produce competent and ethical lawyers with entry-level proficiency and professional self-sufficiency in any setting and reflects a cooperative and collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Its curricular goals are to facilitate each student’s professional and personal development and to promote the highest professional standards, critical thinking, self- and other-awareness, creative problem-solving skills, life-long learning, and a commitment to serving society. The unique identity and special strengths of the UND School of Law inform the content and delivery of the curriculum. The educational environment reflects the value placed on practice readiness in a variety of settings, including solo and small-firm practice; open-mindedness and intellectual receptivity; federal Indian and tribal law; the need to draw upon knowledge from other fields; and the curriculum’s connection to real-world practice. Consistent with our curricular mission and unique identity, the School of Law’s educational objectives cover:

  1. foundational knowledge;
  2. foundational skills;
  3. ethics and professionalism;
  4. leadership, collaborative, and adaptive skills; and
  5. service to society.

Graduates are entitled to admission to the bar in the jurisdiction of their choice upon successful completion of that jurisdiction’s bar examination.

Pre-Law Studies

There is no prescribed pre-law curriculum. The law school student body typically includes representatives of nearly every undergraduate field of study. The faculty of the School of Law strongly recommends a broad and liberal undergraduate program which combines rigorous and creative thinking, careful and thorough analysis and substantial oral and written communication opportunities. The major should be a subject area which interests and stimulates the student.


Applicants for admission to the School of Law must be candidates for or have received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and must have taken the Law School Admission Test. Admission is competitive. Applicants accepted for the 2015-2016 entering class had a median undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.20 and a median LSAT score of 148.

The School of Law has a rolling admissions policy: although the deadline for application and all supporting documentation is April 1 of the spring preceding entry, if the applicant’s file is completed before the deadline, it will be sent to the Admission Committee for consideration. Applications will be accepted after the April 1 deadline, but will be reviewed in the context of the number of students already admitted. Applicants are strongly urged to complete their applications well before the April 1 deadline, and as early as the preceding fall.

Because a diverse student body provides the best medium for education, the School of Law encourages applications from all regions and all economic backgrounds, as well as from women and members of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

Students wishing to enter the School of Law should visit the Future Students website at: Information can also be requested by contacting the Office of Student Life at 701-777-2047 or Office of Student Life, School of Law, University of North Dakota, 215 Centennial Drive, Stop 9003, Grand Forks, ND 58202-9003. The University of North Dakota School of Law is a participating law school in the Law School Admission Council, Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

Applicants for advanced standing may be admitted and given credit for satisfactory work completed in other accredited and international law schools, provided they otherwise comply with the admission requirements of the School of Law.

Students in Other Colleges or Schools Electing Law Courses

The School of Law permits non-Juris Doctor degree candidates to enroll in law school courses on a limited basis. Undergraduate UND students will generally not be permitted to enroll in law school (JD curriculum) courses. UND graduate students may be permitted to enroll in law school courses with the permission of the dean upon appropriate petition. Interested students should contact the School of Law's Office of Student Life for further information.


The Thormodsgard Law Library provides resources and services to support and strengthen the teaching, scholarship, research, and service programs of UND School of Law students and faculty. As a state-assisted academic institution, the law library also serves as a source of legal information for the University of North Dakota community, the bench and bar, and the public. The law library collection, whether in print or electronic format, provides access to resources such as case reporters, statutes, constitutions, legislative process materials, administrative materials, treatises, periodicals, and selected non-legal resources. Dedicated librarians and staff help library patrons to access and use the materials and databases.

Additional Information

Additional information for the School of Law describing degree requirements, course offerings, financial aid and scholarships, student organizations and activities, faculty biographies, placement and other miscellaneous information is available on the School of Law’s website at:

Office of the Registrar

Tel: 701.777.2711
Fax: 701.777.2696

Twamley Hall Room 201
264 Centennial Drive Stop 8382
Grand Forks, ND 58202-8382