5-year B.A. in Political Science or B.S.P.A. in Public Administration/M.P.A.

The Public Administration program offers two combined programs, a B.S.P.A./M.P.A. or a B.A. in Political Science/M.P.A. The intent of the combined programs is to allow qualified students to complete the requirements for both degrees in one year beyond that required to receive the baccalaureate degree. Students may apply for this program upon completion of 90 credits toward the Bachelor’s degree but prior to their fourth year of academic work. All requirements for both degrees must be met, and up to six credits of prior-approved coursework may be double-counted toward each of the two degrees. Double-counted credits may not include required courses for the B.S.P.A. or B.A. degree, but may include appropriate elective coursework, preferably at the 500-level or above.

Admission Requirements

  1. 3.25 GPA overall and in major.
  2. Graduate Record Examination general test scores for review. The GRE requirement may be waived at the discretion of the MPA Program Director in accordance with program criteria. The decision of the MPA Program Director is final.
  3. Completion of 90 credit hours prior to year four. The MPA Program Director may approve minor deviations from the 90 credit minimum to facilitate appropriate graduate course sequencing.
  4. Minimum competence in public administration, policy, administrative services, and methodology. This competence is normally demonstrated by at least one course in each of the four fields (Political Science, Accounting, Economics, and Statistics), by special exams in the fields, or by practical experience. Accounting, Economics, and Statistics competencies may be met through the successful completion of self-paced boot camp courses on these topics from Ivy Software (http://ivysoftware.com).
  5. Twenty hours in social sciences, business administration and related fields.
  6. Students who do not meet requirements 4 and 5 will be given the opportunity to fulfill them.

Degree Requirements

  1. A minimum of 34 semester credits (6 credits may be part of undergraduate degree program but taken for graduate credit).
  2. A minimum of 25 credits in public administration and up to 9 credits in cognate fields to total 34 credits.
  3. At least one-half must be at the 500-level.
  4. A maximum of 9 credits may be transferred to UND from other institutions.

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