5-year B.S.-M.S. Degree Program in Physics

The program will use only the existing courses in the Department of Physics and Astrophysics, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Chemistry.

The program course requirements include the following courses:

PHYS 251University Physics I4
PHYS 252University Physics II4
PHYS 253University Physics III4
PHYS 317Mechanics I3
PHYS 318Mechanics II3
PHYS 324Thermal Physics3
PHYS 325Optics3
PHYS 325LOptics Laboratory1
PHYS 327Electricity and Magnetism I3
PHYS 328Electricity and Magnetism II3
PHYS 415Undergrad Research Experience3
PHYS 428Advanced Physics Laboratory2
PHYS 431Quantum Mechanics I3
PHYS 432Quantum Mechanics II3
PHYS 509Methods of Theoretical Physics3
PHYS 510Methods of Theoretical Physics3
PHYS 539Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS 540Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS 541Theory Electricity Magnetism3
PHYS 542Theory of Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 545Analytical Mechanics3
PHYS 590Research1-16
MATH 165Calculus I4
MATH 166Calculus II4
MATH 207Introduction to Linear Algebra2
MATH 265Calculus III4
MATH 266Elementary Differential Equations3
MATH 352Introduction to Partial Differential Equations3
CHEM 121General Chemistry I3
CHEM 121LGeneral Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHEM 122General Chemistry II3
CHEM 122LGeneral Chemistry II Laboratory1
Total Credits92-107