Nutrition & Dietetics

B.S. in Community Nutrition-Nutrition and Foods Option

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
N&D 240 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
MATH 103 College Algebra 3
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
CHEM 121
General Chemistry I
or Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry I Laboratory
or Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
N&D 100 Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics 1
CHEM 122
General Chemistry II
or Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
General Chemistry II Laboratory
or Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
ENGL 130 Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences 3
PSYC 250
Developmental Psychology
or Child Development
Essential Studies Focus on U.S. Diversity course. Recommend SOC 110 however, any other U.S. Diversity course is acceptable 3
Sophomore Year
N&D 245 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle 3
N&D 250 Consumer Food Issues 3
N&D 335 World Food Patterns 3
ANAT 204 Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel 3
ANAT 204L Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel Laboratory 2
Essential Studies Arts and Humanities 3
N&D 220 Foodservice Safety and Sanitation 1
N&D 260 Principles of Foods and Food Science 3
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
MRKT 201 Personal Marketing 3
CHEM 340 Survey of Organic Chemistry (If CHEM 115 and CHEM 116 was taken instead then do not have to take CHEM 340 ) 4
CHEM 340L Survey of Organic Chemistry Laboratory (If CHEM 115L and CHEM 116L was taken instead then do not have to take CHEM 340L) 1
Junior Year
RHS 200 Helping Skills in Community Services 3
COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication 3
MGMT 300 Principles of Management (or N&D 340 and N&D 440) 3-4
PPT 301 Human Physiology 4
N&D 345 Community Nutrition 3
N&D 441 Advanced Nutrition 4
N&D 348 Sports Nutrition 3
BMB 301 Biochemistry (If CHEM 115/115L and CHEM 116/116L was taken instead then do not have to take BMB 301 and take a 3 credit elective 3
SOC 326
Sociological Statistics
or Introduction to Statistics
Essential Studies Elective in Arts and Humanities 3
Senior Year
N&D 498 Supervised Practice in Dietetics (Must have a 2.2 GPA, satisfactory completion of service learning requirements, and satisfactory completion of N&D 345. Must have a C or better in your nutrition, foods, and science courses. For summer experiences you must apply by October 15 of the prior year and for fall you must apply by the Friday before spring break ) 4
N&D 494 Research in Nutrition and Dietetics 2
Elective courses 10
Electives 15
 Total Credits125

^^ Please Note: Every student must fulfill all University, Departmental, and Essential Studies requirements. Essential Studies requirements are found at A minor is encouraged.

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