Elementary Education

B.S. ED. with a Major in Elementary Education

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredits
ENGL 110 College Composition I 3
GEOG 151
Human Geography
or World Regional Geography
Science 1 2-4
FA 150
Introduction to the Fine Arts
or Introduction to Theatre Arts
HIST 101
Western Civilization I
or Western Civilization II
or United States to 1877
or United States since 1877
or World Civilizations I
or World Civilizations II
or History of North Dakota
Second Semester
T&L 252
Child Development
or Developmental Psychology
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
ENGL 130 Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences 3
Humanities 3 3
MATH 103 College Algebra 3
Social Science 2 3
Sophomore Year
First Semester
T&L 250 Introduction to Education 3
T&L 315 3
Science 1 2-4
Minor or Specialty Area 4 6
Second Semester
T&L 328
Survey of Children's Literature
or Young Adult Literature
T&L 335 Understanding Readers and Writers 3
T&L 339 Educational Technology 2
MATH 277 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 3
MUSC 442
Music for Elementary School Teachers
or Music Methods and Materials for Elementary School Teachers
Minor or Specialty Area 4 3
Junior Year
First Semester
T&L 432 Learning Environments 3
Minor or Specialty Area 4 6
Science 1 2-4
ART 460 Methods, Materials and Philosophy: Art in the Elementary Classroom 3
KIN 305 Health/Physical Education for Early Childhood and Elementary Education Teachers 3
Second Semester
T&L 417 Writing & Language Arts Methods 2
T&L 433 Multicultural Education 3
Science 1 3-4
Minor or Speciality Area 4 6
Senior Year
First Semester
T&L 410 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School Classroom (TEAM) 3
T&L 430 Social Studies in the Elementary School (Team) 3
T&L 440 Mathematics in Elementary School (Team) 3
T&L 470 Science in the Elementary School (TEAM) 3
T&L 486 Field Experience 2
Second Semester
T&L 487 Student Teaching 13
T&L 488 Senior Seminar 1
T&L 489 Senior Capstone: Responsive Teaching 3
 Total Credits125-132

1 = To obtain a teaching license in North Dakota, coursework must be completed in life, physical, earth, and space sciences, two of which must have a corresponding lab. See academic advisor for a complete list of course options. 2 = 3 additional social science credits are required. 3 = 3 additional credits of humanities are required. 4 = A 20 unit Minor or Specialty Area is required. See your academic advisor for additional information.

Students must complete enough electives to bring total credit hours up to the 125. Special Emphasis courses can fulfill an essential studies requirement (example-History 104, US History, will count toward the US Diversity as well as the Humanities area). Please Note: Every student must fulfill all University, Departmental, and Essential Studies requirements.