B.A. or B.S. with Major in Psychology

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredits
ENGL 110 College Composition I (ES course) 3
MATH 103 College Algebra (ES course & Major requirement) 3
FREN 101
First Year French I
or First Year Spanish I
or First Year German I
or First Year Norwegian I
or First Year Chinese I
or First Year Russian I
PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology (ES course & Major requirement) 3
Elective Course or Course in Minor 3
Second Semester
ENGL 130 Composition II: Writing for Public Audiences (ES Course & Major requirement) 3
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Public Speaking (ES Course & Major requirement) 3
FREN 102
First Year French II
or First Year Spanish II
or First Year German II
or First Year Norwegian II
or First Year Chinese II
or First Year Russian II
PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology (ES Course & Major elective) 4
Elective Course or Course in Minor 3-4
Sophomore Year
First Semester
BIOL 111
Concepts of Biology
or General Biology I
Concepts of Biology Laboratory
or General Biology I Laboratory
PSYC 241 Introduction to Statistics (ES Course & Major requirement) 4
PSYC 303 Research Methods in Psychology (Major requirement) 4
PSYC elective 3-4
Second Semester
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (or another Social Science course that fulfills an ES requirement) 3
BIOL 151
General Biology II
or Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel
General Biology II Laboratory
or Anatomy for Paramedical Personnel Laboratory
PSYC 270 Abnormal Psychology (ES course & Major elective) 3
PSYC 304 Advanced Research Methods (Major requirement for BS only) 3
PSYC elective 3-6
Elective Course or Course in Minor 3
Junior Year
First Semester
PSYC 320 Professional Development & Ethics (Major requirement) 1
Fine Arts (ES requirement) 3
PSYC elective 6
Elective Courses or Courses in Minor 6
Second Semester
PSYC 395
Practical Experiences in Psychology Course requirements differ between the BA and BS. See advisor or catalog for specifics.
or Psychological Helping Skills
or Instructional Experiences in Psychology
or Advanced Individual Research
PSYC elective 6-12
Elective Courses or Courses in Minor 6
Senior Year
First Semester
PSYC 405 History and Systems of Psychology (ES capstone & Major requirement) 3
PSYC 400-level course 3-4
PSYC elective 3-4
Elective courses or courses in minor 6
Second Semester
Psyc 400-level Course (BA Requirement) 3-4
Psyc 43* Course (BS requirement) 4
PSYC elective 3-4
Elective Courses or Courses in Minor 6
 Total Credits128-143

Please see advisor for choosing electives. ^^ Please Note: Every student must fulfill all University, Departmental, and Essential Studies requirements. Essential Studies requirements are found at

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